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Life in Church in 1950ś in Czechoslovakia was marked by persecution. Liquidation of women religious orders was carried out under the name “Action R” and was implemented in a number of phases. Sisters, who personally experienced the practices of the regime, talk about their past.
The film’s messages overlap on several levels: it gets at taboos through authentic memories of the historical events of the 1950s from surviving nuns and reflects on the fragile, intimate motivation of the then young intellectual to make a promise and enter the convent. This documentary film aims to reflect on the sense of women’s existence and human existence in general and contemplates our direction in terms of human values, as well as presenting the spiritual aspect of life. Our goal is to bring closer to audiences the life of female religious orders, as well as the attempt to liquidate them during a complex period of our modern history.

Producer: Barbara Harumová Hessová
Director: Sr. Iva Kušiková, SSpS
Screenplay: Ingrid Mayerová, Sr. Iva Kušiková, SSpS
Directors supervision: Martin Šulík
Dramaturge: Ingrid Mayerová
DOP: Vlado Biskupič, Michal Fulier, Sr. Iva Kušiková, SSpS
Music: Vladimír Godár
Sound and technical cooperation: Michal Fulier
Grading: Peter Harum
Sound design and mix: Dušan Kozák
Editor: Darina Smržová
Production: Barbara Harumová Hessová (AH production s.r.o.), Sr. Daniela Bezdedová, FDC (KVPŽR)

Production and distribution of this film was supported by Slovak Audiovisual fund.

Year of production: 2013
Length: 72 min
Master: Blu-ray, DVD
Format: 1920×1080 25p, 16×9
Sound: Stereo
Subtitles: English, French, German, Italian

autor fotografií: Michal Fulier